Service Policies

In order to ensure smooth daily operations, we ask that parents respect the following policies listed below:

  • Parents must sign their child in and out each session Parents must contact OOSH by voicemail or text if their child is going to be absent from their booking
  • Mini Miracles fosters the development of independence and child awareness of personal safety. With the exception of kindergarten, please ensure that your child is aware that they are expected to walk from their classroom to OOSH. If your child decides to catch a bus or go home with a friend before educators are able to locate them, educators will not be able to leave the premises or be held responsible. OOSH will follow policy procedures making every effort to locate your child and will contact emergency services to assist in the search if they have not arrived to OOSH.
  • Non – prescription medications will not be administered under any circumstances. This includes Panadol, Nurofen and herbal medicines.
  • Prescribed medications will only be administered after parents have completed our medication form on the day the medication is required. If your child suffers from Asthma or Anaphylaxis it is a requirement that medication and action plans are provided to be kept at the service.
  • Emergency contacts listed on your child’s enrolment form must be people other than the child’s parents, and must be able to collect your child in the event of an emergency. If someone is collecting your child OOSH will require written permission that can be used to check the person’s identification upon pick up.
  • If a child is going to be away during school term and we receive at least 2 weeks notification of their absence to receive half fee discount.
  • Half fee discount will also be available if your child is away from school and OOSH for 3 or more consecutive days with a communicable disease when OOSH has been notified on day one of their absence.
  • Vacation Care bookings will be taken mid way throughout each term, with parents being charged for the days they book. Cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of Vacation Care will still be charged.
  • Children exhibiting dangerous behaviours will be supported with individual behaviour plans collaboratively developed with OOSH, School teachers and parents. If a child becomes a risk for OOSH to provide duty of care to the remaining children, alternate care may need to be arranged.