Mini Miracles Pty Ltd
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Our aim is to provide a Centre and program which recognizes that Australia is a multicultural society where different ethnic groups co-exist harmoniously, free to maintain and practice their language, religious beliefs and social customs, while recognizing that all are equal as individuals.

Our programs will recognize the importance of similarities as well as differences in various cultures, which incorporates the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of families, staff and the community, and which includes experiences and materials which meet the individual needs and interests of all children.

It is also equally important to introduce children to cultural variety not only to the cultures represented within our centre’s.

Staff will include individual experiences for non-English speaking children.

Staff will consult with parents/caregivers about the care of each child when there may be a conflict between the Centre’s philosophy and family values.

Parents/caregivers will be encouraged to participate in the Centre program and introduce their cultures/food/craft/dress to the other enrolled children in our centre's.

The Centre will provide, within the program, activities relevant to other cultures, books, music, songs, cooking activities, craft, clothing, multicultural dolls, multicultural jigsaw puzzles, games, play equipment, posters, utensils to help foster cultural awareness.

Parent information will be translated into their home language wherever possible.

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