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Children with Special Needs

Mini Miracles Centre’s treat each child as an individual and will support his/her own special needs

Our staff will work with all involved with the child including of course the parents. Together a plan will be formulated in order to devise strategies of inclusion and assess if any specific equipment is needed to promote inclusion

All staff are aware of each individual family background in regards to culture and beliefs and provide all families with support and written material in their home language.

There will be in-service training opportunities for all staff on particular needs throughout the year and staff are encouraged to attend.

Children with a diagnosed medical condition, or ongoing behaviour problems, will NOT be denied care based on their disability. However, for Mini Miracles to be able to cater for their individual needs, there may be a short waiting period until funds are accessed for an additional worker, or to allow staff to receive appropriate training to better cope with the child's individual requirements.

For further information please contact us and ask to see our Inclusion Policy, and our policy regarding guiding children's behavior.

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